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About Us
For years JoXaMa  Cookies have been consumed at many baby showers, weddings, church functions, or just from opening the cookie jar.
After 18 years of working in corporate law firms, I was encouraged to start selling these beautiful, delicious cookies after my third child Madison, (hence the name was born), JoXaMa.  We created the name from the little people who love our cookies the best, our children, Jordan, Xander and Madison.
kids 3
Jordan, Madison, Xander - JoXaMa
JoXaMa™  cookies was started with the idea of taking Baking to the Extreme™. We wanted to provide a cookie that not only tastes great but that has an extreme presentation as well.
Our cookies are baked with all natural ingredients and are baked fresh daily.
Let us provide an assortment of goodies for your next occasion.